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Golda's Balcony
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Historical Background

IN THIS ONE-WOMAN SHOW THAT SHE DOES MORE THAN JUST RESURRECT MEIR: SHE EMBODIES AN ENTIRE COUNTRY! The play is by WILLIAM GIBSON ["The Miracle Worker"], who again creates an exceedingly demanding part for a woman, AND MS. FELDSHUH COULDN’T BE MORE CONVINCING! Now, hearing from someone who was there at the birth of the country, who sacrificed to make it happen, helps remind us where the Middle East standoff came from.... IT IS ENLIGHTENING!"
     — Neil Genzlinger, NEW YORK TIMES

New York Times article about Golda's Balcony
Read Shimon Peres' article about Golda's Balcony
in the New York Times.

Golda's Balcony is the perfect merging of playwright,
actress and character! There is enough humor and drama
here for a much longer play, but the 89 intermissionless
minutes never feel short or long, only perfect!"     
     — John Simon, NEW YORK MAGAZINE

Excellence, you might say is a synonym for being Tovah!"
     — Adam Feldman, TIME OUT NEW YORK

"A 95-minute miracle!
     — Liz Smith

"A powerhouse
TOVAH FELDSHUH is strong, fervid, kindly, fierce, decent, willful, and generous as Golda Meir! A handsomely crafted, tough-minded story of a complex woman who was an international force!"
     — Linda Winer, NEWSDAY

It's early in the Broadway season to start handicapping the Tony's® but TOVAH FELDSHUH's performance sets a hot pace for the Best Actress race in June! It's the role of a lifetime!"
     — Michael Sommers, NEWARK STAR LEDGER

TOVAH FELDSHUH gives a blazing performance: less an impersonation than a heroic concept! WILLIAM GIBSON's fascinating play is a tight-knit story of war and peace!"
     — Clive Barnes, NY POST

A triumph!
A revelation! TOVAH FELDSHUH's exquisitely nuanced performance is an acting triumph! Brings Golda back to life as no news reel footage could ever do! An epic among solo works!"
     — Roma Torre, NY1

TOVAH FELDSHUH magnificently conveys the fearlessness and dedication that made Golda so powerful a world leader! WILLIAM GIBSON has done an amazing job!"
     — Howard Kissel, NY DAILY NEWS

"Three and a half stars!
Inspiring! Moving! Remarkable!"
     — Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY

You must see this play: not you 'should' see it, you must! It's the most extraordinary, stunning evening in the theater that Iíve seen in a long time! Go see it!"
     — Joan Hamburg, WOR RADIO

A riveting play that has the electric charge of the Cuban Missile Crisis! TOVAH FELDSHUH has found the gutsy role she was meant to play, and she can play it for the rest of her life as far as we're concerned!"
     — Jacques le Sourd, GANNETT NEWSPAPERS

"A celebration!
TOVAH FELDSHUH's savvy performance hits all the emotional buttons! WILLIAM GIBSON has written a tight and focused piece!"
     — Robert Feldberg, BERGEN RECORD

TOVAH FELDSHUH gives a commanding performance, acknowledging Golda Meir's stature as a strong-willed politician, (while) capturing the humanity of the woman!"
     — Marilyn Stasio, VARIETY

TOVAH FELDSHUH's marvelous, skillful portrayal of the indomitable Golda Meir will remain in your mind long after the curtain has come down! On Broadway, this fascinating show should have a whole new life!"
     — Michael Kuchwara, ASSOCIATED PRESS

Once in a great while a show slips into town with a great cast and a great story! If you want to see a performance you won't forget, and one which certainly rated the standing ovation the night I saw it, Golda's Balcony is a must see for anyone!"
     — David Richardson, WOR RADIO

"A tour de force!
TOVAH FELDSHUH's searing, funny, one-woman tour de force is the summit of a career! SCOTT SCHWARTZ's direction is taut, clear, seamless! WILLIAM GIBSON's play, at once moving and instructive is packed with history and anecdote!"
     — Malcolm Johnson, HARTFORD COURANT

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